Finding the best backpacking hammocks could be tricky with so many hammocks brands in the market and each claims to be the best. Every backpacker want to keep the backpack light but at the same ensure it has the essential tools. Every good hammock brand must be comfortable, light, durable, versatile and ease of use.

A hammock is a perfect choice for those wishing to spend some time close to nature but still want to be protected from pests and elements that the outdoor brings. It keeps you wrapped up in relaxing comfort and suspended from the ground out of the dirt. The Eagles Nest Outfitters Double Nest Hammock has a good deal of hype behind it and does not disappoint. It is compact and lightweight which makes it suitable for most nature and adventure enthusiasts. Besides that, the ENO Double Nest has other great features like durability which make it perform remarkably well in most conditions.

Features and Specifications

Being wide and long, the ENO Double Nest offers exceptional comfort. It is made out of a stretchy parachute nylon material that feels great even on your bare skin. The extra width when compared to the SingleNest makes cocooning in the hammock easier. Couples can lounge with ease and enjoy being close to one another thanks to the extra room. However, while the hammock is comfortable enough for two people to lounge in it, only one person can sleep in it for extra comfort.


While it is not recommended for two people to sleep in the Double Nest Hammock, this product still remains versatile. During camping and other outdoor activities, hammocks endure long lounging activities like sitting, reading and simple relaxation like watching the sun set. For these uses, the ENO hammock has a 400 pound capacity which means that it can hold a couple of adults piled onto it or even kids playing on it. This is really convenient especially if you are in areas where the grounds may be wet of inhabited with appalling crawling creatures like insects and lizards. Other than ensuring your comfort all through your outdoor activity, this versatility also provides safety to some extent.


Thanks to the handful of thoughtful features included in the ENO Double Nest, the product remains light without compromising on its quality or usefulness. This hammock has ultra-light aluminum carabineers and compression straps which not only places it ahead of its competitors, but also cuts down on a great deal of unnecessary extra weight. The ENO hammock weighs only 20oz. But the weight of the hammock is great for summer use, a trip during the rainy or mosquito season will need a serious upgrade inclusive of a bug net and rain fly, which will substantially raise the hammock’s weight.

Easy Set-up

The Eagles Nest Outfitters Double Nest does not include straps or suspension but those looking forward to integrate their own set up may hardly notice the difference. There are many set up options and methods to try but you will be happy to know that it takes just a short while and follows easy procedures. Considering its size, finding trees far enough part is slightly easy.


The seams of the ENO hammock are all triple-stitched and have a gathered-end design which gives the hammock extra strength at the points of attachment.
The Double Nest is pretty small packed in its own attached stuff sack that has dimensions of 4x4x5 inches which makes it highly portable.
It comes in a comfortable size that can hold up two adults with ease.

This hammock brand has tones of accessories available. These include slap-straps, bug nets, tarps and even speakers.
It is fast and easy to set up.
It is made from breathable, quick-drying nylon.


The nylon fabric is vulnerable to tear especially when exposed to sharp objects.
It only works great as a summer hammock as it lacks additional features to get through other seasons.

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