JanSport sells many products besides backpacks, but their packs are probably the most popular item they sell. Many campers buy JanSport backpacks because they are very reliable and have amazing features. They also make outdoor clothing such as sweatshirts and jackets, sell luggage, laptop computer bags, book bags, and many more items.

Types of Jansport Backpacks

No matter what your sport is, it is guaranteed that there is one to suit you. There is the Jansport Catalyst Backpack for the weekend camping trip, to the Jansport Odyssey Backpack a great all-purpose pack. There are heaps of different styles to choose from. You can purchase an internal frame backpack or an external frame backpack. If you are choosing an internal frame backpack they are usually taller and narrower than an external frame backpack. The backpack will keep its shape because of the aluminum, hollow pieces.

One added bonus of the backpack is that the aluminum inside of it is light weight so you don’t have to worry about it weighing down your pack. They also added an extra bar outside to help distribute the weight which will make your traveling experience more delightful. Another factor that contributes to comfort ability is the compression straps. The compression straps will help with stabilization and will eliminate the backpack from slipping on your back.

Added Bonuses of JanSport Backpacks

Almost all of them are waterproof which makes it perfect in case it starts raining while you are on a hike or camping trip. You don’t have to worry about your backpack ripping while hiking or camping either because they have reinforced stitching. To make your traveling more comfortable, they have adjustable torso straps and shoulder straps. They also come with padded shoulder harnesses and hip belts.

If you purchase a larger pack you may get the option of being able to detach the top pocket and change it to a hip pouch which will give you easy access to all your important gear. Almost all of the JanSport backpacks have water bottle access which is easy to get to. If you are carrying larger more oddly shaped objects, there is a pocket that extends in order for you to fit all of your objects.

The backpacks usually have 4 to 7 compartments for you to put your stuff in; if you would like you can find a backpack with dividers. The dividers will make it easier to separate your stuff such as clean and dirty clothing. You will likely also find that these packs are great to use for lugging books around campus or stowing diapers when you have a baby. No matter what you’ll be using your JanSport backpack for, you will find that they are durable quality that can get you through every use you might have for this type of bag.

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